Prosthetics unit prompts students to raise money for good cause

In product design class, North Junior High scholars used cardboard, rubber bands and string to make a prototype or model prosthetic. The focus was to design something that solved a problem, accomplished a task or fulfilled a need for humans. Many students created a functioning prosthetic hand that could grip objects.

Through units and projects like this, our students experience holistic learning and develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. This particular unit focused on functionality, innovation, and adaptation through the design process.

Students also developed empathy as they learned how prosthetics can relate to real world concepts. One such concept is a campaign effort hosted by North Junior High that will provide a prosthetic leg to a child in a developing country. Last year, the same fundraiser raised enough money for a nine-year-old girl to get a prosthetic leg in Ghana. This year, they hope to raise enough to help two children.

“Part of our IB framework is to make our learning as meaningful as possible to the community around us,” said Kurt Carlson, science teacher at North Junior High.

The Socks for Legs campaign will raise money to provide two children in developing countries with a prosthetic leg. If you’d like to purchase socks to help the scholars reach their goal, you can find the campaign here.

NJH Prosthetics Design