Ninth-graders share their capstone project at school-wide project fair

Ninth-graders share their capstone project at school-wide project fair

Ninth graders at North Junior High displayed their capstone projects to fellow students and teachers last week during a school-wide project fair. The IB capstone community project encourages students to engage in service as they use the skills and knowledge they’ve gained in junior high and apply them to the real world.

“The project gives learners the opportunity to see themselves as engaged members of their communities and to develop the skills they need for lifelong community service and action,” said Debbie Hahn, service coordinator at North Junior High.

One group of ninth graders chose to do their project on sexual harassment. Lucy Lundholm, Vanessa Huynh and Aunesti Farley created a survey, conducted interviews and led focus groups as they tried to find ways to help victims feel more comfortable. The goal of their project was to create a safe and comfortable environment for everyone.

“Making change takes a lot of time and effort,” Farley said.

The community projects encourage students to use their voice, build confidence, harness empathy, think critically and so much more. Lundholm said she learned that she has the capability of talking to big leaders in the school and she can make a difference.

“We learned to speak up for what we believe in,” Lundholm said.

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